Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter

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           With its crash resistant foam fuselage kids or you adults will be able to perfect your piloting skills while using the single throttle and dual toggle wireless controller.   Great stability along with the 6 way directional control is provided by the dual rotors on top and the twin drive props located in back.

            Because kids can fly these Havoc Helicopters with others it can be like you’re playing a true video game.  Each helicopter can use its own infrared beam defensive weapons to battle against the other one.  The one who hits its opponent 3 times with the beam will be the declared the winner causing the opponent’s helicopter to go into a wild tailspin. This is a great Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys in the 12 to 14 Year Old Age group. Bracket if you’re looking for precious gifts for family members that are 12, 13, or 14 years old use our gift guide to get some nice ideas on gifts and toys that are suitable to their age.

            The Air Hogs Helix from Spin Master is a toy-grade, electronic indoor micro RC helicopter aimed at ages 12 years old and above. The producers and manufacturer gives it an intermediate skill flight difficulty rating. Does that mean it’s hard to control? You can answer this with a Yes and a No. Hovering is fairly easy but due to some sluggish response to the controls and the heavy body engineered design, the Helix can be slightly difficult to control and maneuver in flight. Making it a perfect gift for you young boys and girls for any occasions.


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