The Arai Company Size XL

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                The Arai  Company size XL Arai Profile weighs 3 lbs., 10-3/8 oz. its about 1658 grams.  It’s slightly much heavier than the XL Quantum II and it’s heavier than the 1598 gram average weight of the helmets in the online inventory of helmets. Its other featuresThe Profile use Arai’s infinite adjustment system for lowering and raising the visor; that is, it works via a science of friction device rather than a ratcheting system.  Some riders are not fond of this feature, because it never seems to be as nice and smooth as it should be.  

                The visor also has the safety snap lock on the lower left hand side, which customers also don’t like, because the visor and helmet twists as it overcomes the initial resistance as the visor is eventually lifted.  Arai uses a D-ring attachment on the Profile, which is much convenient over the overly complex quick release latch.  There’s ample padding attached under the chin strap and it feels comfortable. The Arai Profile is a fairly designed and made, comfortable and quiet helmet that should please racers or riders with long oval head shapes.  As consumers have noted, it’s very comparable to the helmets like the Quantum II, which is also an excellent helmet.

                Other XL Arai Helmets available in the market today are: Arai Quantum II Tattoo, blue, XL. Used one season, exterior flawless not a scratch or chip. Shield perfect. I has normal interior and will cost $275. Arai Astral Roberts, colored blue XL. Have a great shape Arai Quantum f Edwards, blue XL and many more.  With this wide array of XL helmets and gears Arai Company is still make its mark in providing quality helmets and giving its customers safety and comfort at the same time.


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