Sharp’s Adding Machine

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              The man was working as a clerk, and all day long he had to do a numerous number of mathematical calculations. Pascal’s invention consisted of a wooden box with 16 dials on it. By turning the dials, one could do simple subtraction and addition very quickly. There were 2 prior attempts to create such a machine which were discovered only recently. One is of work of Wilhelm Schickard who made and invented a mechanical calculator in 1623. And apparently only two prototypes were made and their location is unknown. Only in the 1950’s when letters of Schickard were known and discovered was this information revealed. From diagrams in these simple letters it was possible to reconstruct his machine.

                This concepts made many companies rich and become the benchmark of their products and of theses company is Sharp. Sharp made many models of adding machines. Such as Sharp CS-2850 Scientific Calculator This is a 12 digit, 2-color adjustable/print display calculator provides quiet performance and quick in a space-saving compact design. Comfortable Cylindrical Step-sculptured Keys. Extra ease is provided by contoured Minus/Equal and Plus/Equal keys.

                Another model is Sharp’s EL1701V is a superior 2-colour printing calculator with a huge 12-digit display, 3-key memory and plus/minus tax keyboard keys. The EL1701V features sell/cost/margin calculation, change calculation as well as a calendar function and clock. With two lines per second printout speed, the EL1701V is perfect for any office or home. Making sharp adding machine a well know regarding with mechanical addition machines. Putting sharp in top contention at that time.


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