The Spectra Cine Professional Light Meters

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                The Spectra Cine Professional light meters for the movies or motion picture and video photography; Spectra Cine Spot meter for screen display and brightness measurement for review rooms and theaters; Spectra Candela photometers and spotmeters are designed for measuring the industrial lighting field; Spectra Filmgate photometer for the film labs; Spectra Traffic Signal Light Tester or LED degradation meter for the transportation and traffic safety and Spectra PhoRad-Candela radiography meters are engineered and designed to control the lighting conditions under which images and radiographs are viewed and interpreted.

                The SpectraCine Professional IV-A measures reflected and incident light directly in f/stops, lux and foot-candles, and instantly measure and calculates the f/stop difference, contrast average and ratio of your particular lighting situation. The multiple channel memory makes you recall the stored measurement, current measurement, contrast ratio, average and f/stop difference. The meter covers a sensitivity range of almost 1-million to one.

                The Spectra IV-A has a digital f/stop range that extends from f/0.35 to f/128 in 1/10-stop increments and the Analog Bargraph measure range from f/0.7 to f/45 in 1/3-stop increments. Both are displayed at the same time on a backlit crystal display, along with film-speed feature, frames per second for cine use or exposure time for still photo. The Spectra IV A meters are supplied with a field carrying, photosphere, battery, photo disc, instructional manual, neck strap, and warranty card.

                Some significant features: measuring range: One million to one (20 f/stop) direct reading Multiple Range Linear CircuitAnalog f/stop: f/0.7 to f/45 in 1/3-stop increments. . Digital f/stop: f/0.35 to f/128 in 1/10-stop increments. Take note that The Spectra One Degree Photospot and Hard Case are NOT sold separately.


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