How I Wish

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Mama said I got the bad temper, stubbornness, hard-headedness, and impatience of my father’s family. I also got their attitude as miser. And many said I got their brains too. I said, yeah, I got 100%  of their bad temper, stubbornness, hard-headedness, impatience and scrooge but my brain is not half as good as theirs. I hope I got their brains 100%. So that I won’t feel outcast when I’m with them.

I can feel my indifference every time I went in our hometown to visit my grandparents. My grandfather’s welcome was very much different from his welcome to my other cousins. And the way he talked to me was way lot different from the way he talked to others. There was no warmth when he spoke to me or every time I arrived in their home. I don’t why he was that way to me. I just really hoped he would one welcome me into their house with such warmth and grace someday. I wished that he would though that I am very much better from his other grandchildren. The outcast will be the key to their better life.

I may have their brain but I don’t have their attitude on how to . My father’s clan  were known intelligence and gumptious attitude. These what their friends are always telling us everytime we meet them during get-together or while strolling the mall. But I know, my intelligence is not as good as the clan oldies. Not even half of the smallest finger.


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