Best Fat Burning Foods

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The following list of foods consist of fruit and vegetables that are easy to digest and do not produce harmful toxins, starch or fat thereby giving the body ample time to start detoxifying the excess fat.

Raw Apples

This fruit contains the highest percentage of a soluble fiber, and is extremely easy to digest. Apples contain approximately 14 grams of carbohydrate per serving and 1.4g of dietary fiber. Just like any other fruits they are devoid of starch and fat which are the main trouble makers.


Yes that is right. Bananas are not fattening. In fact they contain a lot of carbohydrates that give ample energy to the body. Bananas can be fulfilling and most people have been known to live eating only bananas!


This wonder vegetable is also known to be a good anti-cancer agent. Tomatoes should be eaten raw as part of daily salads. Tomato can be eaten along with other fruits. Make sure not to fry tomato as fried tomatoes become toxic.


Dates are rich sources of carbohydrates and dietary fiber and can be digested easily by the body. Dates contain 18g carbohydrates, 1.6g dietary fiber and 16.0g natural sugar per every date (24 grams). Dates make great snacks.

Raw Carrots

This vegetable is used to fill your stomach so you would not eat anymore rather than anything deeper – some people consume a raw carrot immediately after a meal so there would be no space left in the stomach for the dessert. In this way the fattening dessert is replaced with the carrot which is definitely healthier for the body. Include raw carrot, beetroot and cucumber in a salad and include this in your daily diet.

Raw Mangoes

Mangoes are a complete food in themselves. Mangoes offer 28g carbohydrates per serving along with 3g dietary fiber and 24g natural sugar.

Raw Oranges

This fruit as well as the other citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C which is essential for speed up the body’s metabolism. Oranges and vitamin C make an excellent combination against fat.


Another one of the fat flushing foods, this vegetable is well known also for its capacity to combat anemia as well as an anti-cancer agent.

Vitamin C rich fat flushing foods

Other than the citrus fruits, there are many more fruits that are rich with this crucial vitamin. These too, could join the low fat food list given above – cabbage, watermelon, asparagus, blueberry, beet root, and the broccoli among others.

The foods that you have read about above are also called the negative calorie foods, implying that these fat burning fruits can actually burn the calories in the body by giving the body enough time to flush toxins. If you combine these foods with a simple yet regular exercising regime, you would definitely be able to lose weight and maintain it at the levels you are comfortable with it. So plan a diet of fat burning foods and get rid of fat the healthy way without actually dieting.


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