Oregon Handheld Gps

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              It’s virtually impossible to get lost in the Oregon’s touch screen, graphics-driven option menu system, yet Garmin packs plenty of features into the line. But Garmin doesn’t loose or sacrifice high-end functionality for user-friendliness. The Oregons will serve well in the most situations. All of this comes at a price, with a map-equipped 400t model selling as much for $600 online.

                As I’ve worked to learn how to use the multiple button option setups on various handheld GPS units over the years. With the Oregon product line, Garmin is showing touch screens are the way to go with handhelds. The 400t comes with US topographic accurate maps preloaded. Just touch map on the 1st menu screen. Zoom in or out with the plus and minus symbols buttons at the top right of the screen. To pan across the wise map, simply touch the screen and drag the map in any direction you want, a terrific feature that is intuitive and very easy to use

         The Oregon line also focuses and features 3D view capability. Out on the trail, futuristic 3D view is not especially useful for simple navigation, but it is very useful for bringing or providing an overview of the total map area, and for judging the accurate size of mountains and hills you may need to traverse. On-screen arrows let you span and scan in any direction in 3D view. Having these advantages and features is important, thus this make the Oregon line a competitive and excellent GPS around the market today.


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