Luka's Key Tuned Djembe

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              It is a drum that has a very rich history in Africa and has become very widespread all over the world. A mainstay in every drum circle, it is often the 1st hand drum new drummers purchase. It has 1 drumhead on the widest end and none on the other. The body is made of wood and some models are also made of strong fibreglass.

                A Brand name known for djembe is LuKa. LuKa’s Key Tuned Djembe is their top model. It has a head diameter of 12.5 inch and a height of 24 inch. LuKa Percussion uses only hand-selected, premium, Canadian goatskin heads for its djembes. The drumhead in this key tuned product is held in place and tuned by means of handmade hooks, lugs, and a traditional-style rim. The hooks are made of strong stainless steel, and the other hardware made up of brushed satin steel. This design allows for easier head changes, accurate, convenient and quick tuning, and a much more resonant body with more projection and louder overtone. This djembe has a high gloss natural finish that lets the elegance and classic beauty of the wood show through.

                LuKa’s true solid shell djembes are made in the old traditional way by hollowing out solid ash logs. The process of producing and making a LuKa Djembe takes several months, and involves a very articulate intensive procedure of drying and hand turning the log to produce strong shell with a thickness of ¾ of an inch. The careful manufacturing process results in a 100% concentric shell with perfect bearing edges. Ash wood is the key because of its sound and weight characteristics. The net result is a solid, lightweight, seamless shell that possesses elegantly resonance properties.

                The appearance of the LuKa Djembe is as very impressive as the sound. Each drum is professionally made and finished including painting, sanding and the application of a high gloss lacquer. The appearance is further enhanced when the shell is polished and buffed to a mirror finish.


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