Choosing a Great Gift For Your Husband or Wife: Tips And Tricks

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Think about what you got your husband or wife last year. Then, cross similar things off your list of possible gifts. If you got your wife a necklace last year, you don’t want to give her another necklace this year (unless she really loves necklaces, that is).

Consider doing something that complement’s last year’s gift (if your husband or wife liked the original gift, of course). For example, if you got your wife a necklace that she loved, try to find a matching bracelet or earrings. She’ll love that you really tried to find something cohesive that she’ll like.

If you have too much stuff in your house already, consider buying an experience-type gift. Would your husband like tickets to a baseball game? It may not be your thing, but if he loves it, it’s worth suffering through a few hours of sports. (Or even better, give him the tickets and tell him to take one of his guy friends.) Also consider weekend trips or other inexpensive getaways. Larger trips are fun, but you might get in trouble with your significant other for spending too much or planning a long getaway without consulting him or her first about availability.

If you’re both into spa experiences, buy spa packages for you and your significant other. You’ll enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation together, and it’s sure to be a great bonding experience for both of you. Ask your spa about package deals so you can get the maximum discount on your spa services.

Surprise your significant other with a great dinner. Take a half day off of work, and when your significant other comes home, have a romantic dinner prepared and the table set. This is a great gift because it’s affordable and it’s special – it shows that you put a lot of effort into the idea.

Think about the gift ideas you’ve considered. If you think they could be misconstrued as gifts for yourself, not gifts for your husband or wife or as shared gifts, ditch the ideas. It’s not fun to be accused of buying your husband or wife a gift that’s actually a gift for yourself.


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