Fresh And Fast Vegan: Quick, Delicious, And Creative Recipes to Nourish Aspiring And Devoted Vegans: Book Review

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Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or want to incorporate more veggies into your meals and less meat a few times a week simply for health benefits or weight loss, this cookbook is a winner in my book. I’ve had a few vegan cookbooks that I utilized just a few recipes out of and rarely could I find one that was a “go to” for entertaining with recipes that non-vegans wouldn’t notice were vegan…this is such a cookbook. The tastes range from everyday to yummy gourmet. But the recipes are easy to follow with few ingredients.

Here are some examples:

Chili and cilantro corn fritters with tomato sauce (and this means chili as in red chili pepper not chili as in the cowboy beefy saucy chili, mind you. LOL)

Warm cumin and coriander spinach on garlic mashed potatoes

Rich mushroom sauce with tagliatelle

Wild mushroom soup

Roasted squash soup with fresh cilantro

Corn, coconut, lime and basil soup

Vegan Sushi with avocado and cucumber

Eggplant and potato bake

Stirfried black beans with lime and chile

Thai green vegetable curry

Individual crispy porcini bakes

homemade pizzas

vegan lasagnas

Rich mushrooms on toast with truffle oil

Hot grilled sweet potato with watercress salsa

Warm lemon and olive oil beans on rosemary mashed potatoes

Spanish potato gratin

thai vegetables on fresh herb bread

Avocado butter with tomato relish in foccaccia

Tomato and pine nut linguine with carmelized lemon

Gnocci with tomatoes and fresh mint

Mixed mushrooms and tofu pasta

Spicy vegetables and coconut cream

Sponge cake with strawberries and lemon balm

Banana flapjacks with fresh fruit compote

Hot poached pears with toffee crisps

Coconut rice pudding with mangos and papaya

…and tons more…you get the idea!

With almost 250 pages of recipes it’s a bargain in my book for finding many that I’m in the mood to cook. Almost every recipe has ingredients that are easy for me to find in any of my local groceries and most recipes are only a few steps in spite of them sounding and tasting far more complicated. Everything I have made has lived up to the billing of both “fast and fresh”. And cooking vegan meals isn’t always fast in spite of what is left out!

The first chapter touches on vegan nutrition and how to ensure you are not only eating well in taste, but well in health.

There are nutritionals for every recipe and most of them wowed me…very light in calories while not tasting like it. Even the desserts!

Time needed to make each dish is 5,10, and 20 minutes depending upon the dish.

Negatives: I am not one who needs pictures in my cookbooks to visualize a recipe. However, I know some shoppers are. The price of this cookbook is low so it’s no surprise they aren’t included but you should know going in if you have that expectation or need, there aren’t pics included here. For me, I’d rather have more recipes included in the pages but I thought I’d throw that out there in case it’s important to others.

Conclusion: Well done in every regard. Easy recipes, fast recipes, easy to find ingredients, taste gourmet and appeal to most, many recipes to choose from, nutritional included show healthy recipes and most are cheap to cook as well!

Fresh and Fast Vegan: Quick, Delicious, and Creative Recipes to Nourish Aspiring and Devoted Vegans


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