Arm Wrestling Techniques, Learn How to Hook

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To master this art, the first most important condition to supervise is the eye level of the opponent. You should also provide stronger and better eye contact than your opponent. If your desire is to win effectively and efficiently in this sport, you should learn a few different of arms combat techniques. Consider to hook when you feel stronger than your opponent to make it a success. Here are some tips on how to run it.

  1. The exercise to power the wrist. Curl as hard as you can with a force without hesitation. Do this after hitting a solid grip of your opponent’s hand. The goal is to let opponents off guard.

  2. Put your strength of the wrist on the wrist of the opponent. He will made a great effort to do this after curling your wrist. But when you get there, significantly increased leverage against your opponents.

  3. For maximum benefit, add the weight of the equation by the body leaned on his arm, which would increase the power once the weight is transferred to the strength of the arm.

  4. Be careful not to move too far your arms from your body. Remember that the cooperation is based on your arms and your body for support and performance. Your arm is not playing alone. It will need your body support.

  5. Force your body with your arm. To be effective, both must act together. If your body was behind your arm, the body was forced to drop the doors and always open to injuries. Do not try to make it obvious, or someone else will mourn.

Nothing is as good as the competition of arms fighting. The best and impressive thing is when you explode the arm of your opponent to the bottom of the table with the top hook technique and surprise him.


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