Lose Weight Through Belly Dancing

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Belly dance has a long and fascinating history which dates back to the early civilizations. Throughout history, this form of dance has been used both in acts of worship and for purposes of seduction.  In some practices, this form of dance is considered by some religions to encourage fertility especially for newlywed couples.

Belly dancing is a dance style that does not demand participants to be in optimum physical form in order to start out.  As a matter of fact, because of the low impact nature of this dance style, it is chosen by many women who are not in ideal figure to begin with. This type of dance gently works the muscles with the shaking up effects of impact aerobics and other exercise techniques. It works the belly as well, which is frequently the problem area for a lot of women who aren’t in the best of shape. Belly dancing also strengthens the back as you progress, which also helps with just about every facet of your fitness routine. More significantly for those who are a bit (or even a lot) out of shape is that belly dancing burns about 300 calories per hour. This means that if you do one hour of belly dancing a day you will burn over 2,000 calories a week!

As a way to celebrate womanhood, is an excellent activity to convey that joy. Belly dancing has been recognized throughout history as a celebration of womanhood. From being used in rituals in the temple to being used as a form of enticement and seduction the belly dance is associated to simply being utterly feminine.

If you are quite timid to enroll in a belly dance class, you may always choose to buy videos and DVD belly dance lessons. There are many variants of these dance lessons from which you can choose from.  There are lessons that even focus on the mental and/or therapeutic aspects of belly dance in case that is where you feel the need to concentrate your efforts on. Belly dancing is a fun activity aside from being an excellent form of finding your much needed physical activity.

If you do plan to belly dance, you should also understand that the belly dance costume is an important part of what sets the mood. Although you do not really need all the full ornaments, it is the general consensus to bare your midriff to help put you in the frame of mind that is most appropriate for belly dancing. Therefore, it is urged that you wear garments that bare your belly like low-rise yoga pants paired with a sports bra or some type of shirt that bares your midriff for your practice sessions. This will also help your belly dance instructor determine if you are doing the moves correctly.

Should you decide to enroll in belly dancing classes, congratulations! You would now be having a new hobby that is both healthy and entertaining.


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