5 Things You Should Consider When Building an Aquaponic System

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Where to place your Aquaponics system is very important as plants and fish thrive for survival. For best results, make sure that the ambient temperature steady, not too high or too low, enough light to prepare the food for plants and there is no wind or weather to reach them. Also, make sure that there is no chemicals which can damage the inside of the water, because it means death for fish and plants.

Water Oxygenizing
The happiest fish, the better your system will work! Therefore, it is necessary to oxygenate the water daily and make sure that the fish have all the “amenities” they need.

Selection of Fish
The Aquaponics system works well with most types of fish. However, there are states in which the selection could affect the overall system. Make sure to check the type of fish required in your system before you start to develop it.

Placing the Pots
For a much easier monitoring, you must place the pots or the entire system to its expected level. This way you will not have to bend so that the routine care will be a lot easier.

The addition of Additives
There are cases in which the fish can not provide all the necessary nutrients for your plants. If the amount is less than what the plants need is additional nutrients, then provide the respective substances. In most cases, you must add iron, calcium or potassium carbonate.

Aquaponics is an easy activity that provides the necessary vegetables and fish in a short period of time. Simply follow the above tips and you will find much success in attempting to produce food at home.


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