Health Benefits of 10 Common Fruits

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Oranges are known to have plenty of Vitamin C, and Vitamin C is good for coping with arteriosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries that could lead to a heart attack. Oranges are supposed to be good for combating bad cholesterol, as well. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about any major changes in your diet.


The fight against cancer might someday include a remedy derived from grapes. Believe it or not, several studies have found that grapes potentially could help reduce tumors or even prevent cancer altogether, but more research still has to be done. Also, grape seed oil is suggested for helping with the pains of arthritis.


These little red fruits contain plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes them an excellent choice for better mental functions, possibly even helping to stave off Alzheimer’s. The fiber found in strawberries also makes this an excellent food for those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome.


Blueberries contain heavy molecules that help to wash away bacteria in the urinary tract, thus these berries help to prevent urinary tract infections. Blueberries also contain an antioxidant that helps to prevent blood clots, thus also possibly preventing heart attacks.


Fiber is important for helping the body with digestion. Guess what has plenty of fiber. That’s right. Cherries. This fruit in a concentrated juice form is also good for helping with headaches, studies suggesting it works better than even aspirin.


Don’t laugh, but watermelons actually are good for helping men cope with impotence. Also, the Vitamin B found in watermelon helps provide the body with an energy boost, so skip the caffeine and go for some watermelon if you need something to wake you up.


If you suffer from ulcers, talk to your physician and ask if perhaps you should eat more bananas. Bananas form a coating inside the stomach and do away with some gastric acids, thus making them an excellent food for those dealing with ulcers. You know what else bananas are supposed to be good for? Cramps.


Lemons are commonly known as a natural diuretic, allowing the body to shed excess fluid, which is especially important for many suffering from heart disease. And all that potassium found in lemons helps to lower the blood pressure.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s an old saying, but there just might be a little truth to it. For example, apples are good for diabetics because they contain natural sugars and allow diabetics to regulate their blood sugar levels. And did you know apples are good for sunburns? That’s right. If you have a sunburn, smash up an apple, add a little glycerine, and apply for 15 minutes to help with the pain.


Yes, the tomato is a fruit, though a number of people tend to forget that or not know it in the first place. Because of all the potassium and Vitamin B found in tomatoes, they make an excellent food to ward of heart disease and to help those already suffering with heart disease. Also, the Vitmain A from a tomato is good for your eyesight.

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