Why Your Weight Continues to Rise?

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What happened to us in terms of health, weight loss and all aspects

your life, mostly due to your HABITS past few years.

For example, people who have coronary heart problems are caused one of them because of the smoking habit that has been done for years.

Which means, people are not directly affected by the problem today because of coronary heart one cigarette yesterday. If we smoked a single cigarette then directly exposed to coronary heart disease, we will definitely stop smoking immediately.

But unfortunately the result of habit we usually do not appear to

some time in the future. So people feel that smoking these days seem

will not cause any problems for the moment, and finally they make it as a habit of smoking habit!

Similarly, weight loss or health that we have today.

I will give you increased picture why weight loss

Our body consists of billions of cells that essentially every cell in the body. We need the best nutrition or nutrition in order to perform its function well too. (a bit like if you have a Mercedes Benz car, you will provide the best gasoline, oil is the best etc.)

But unlike a car, our bodies there are no spare parts or spare parts.

If your kidneys damaged, no one is selling kidneys in a store.

Now, if our bodies need the best nutrition, now let’s see what

that we eat everyday. What we eat everyday are:

1. Too much fat

2. High Cholesterol (we all like anything fried)

3. Too much sugar

4. Too much salt

5. Too much animal protein

6. Low vitamin, a mineral that the body needs

7. Less water

8. contain carcinogens (substances that arise because of the cooking process such as baked or roasted. This substance which can lead to problems such as cancer)

9. Lack of Activity

Now, why do we eat foods like above?

1. Leisure. Now most people do not have time to cooking. We prefer fast food usually has no nutritional value

2. Pain. We choose food based on taste. Not the content of nutrients.

As an example we always ask the people “a good restaurant where you?”

instead of “restaurant-nutrition where are you? ” The food is usually good low nutrient levels.

3. We do not know what we should eat

Coupled with environmental factors such as:

1. Fruits picked before ripe which makes nutritional value yet perfect

2. Too much fertilizer

3. Pesticide

4. Pollution

The point is what we eat has no nutritional balance required. In the long term people will have problems with weight body and health.

As described by the World Health Organization or WHO, 70% of deaths

Early today disebakan by problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Furthermore, the WHO says that 50% of the cause is poor nutrition

or more simpelnya is the food we eat everyday.

So as I said, your current situation is due

Your habits for years to do.

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