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The elections have been held and The Republicans had a landslide victory.  About a third of all winners were allied with the Tea Party.  Sestac and Murphy lost locally.  Our Governor is Tom Corbett who said in his victory speech today he’ll emulate Christie.  Russ Feingold was tossed.  The government shaken up.  Obama said he’s sorry.  He feels real bad.  The voters cry for bi-partianship.  The Republicans want to return to more nostalgic times, cutting the deficit, rolling back health care reform, running the same foreign policy, and in short, returning values to the land.  All that sort of crap.  I don’t think they’ll succeed in dismantling Health Care Reform.  Obama will still hold the veto and bully pulpit.  Listening to John Boehner weep like a country preacher made me laugh.  He is to be watched.  Overall, I predict much will not be done in the next two years.  The next Presidental Election has already started.  Obama is a mystery to Progressives, a Beacon of Hope to Visionaries, Satan Socialist, Messiah, and the bane of Conservatives, including those who come for tea.  The next two years will define him or he will define what happens?  Our times are tense.  Our future more and more tenuous.


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