Obama, Another Balck Victim of The American System

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From where the western world stand I would have to say that racism is still alive and strong in the United States regardless of the fact that its president is a black person.

When Obama won the presidency of the United States, the entire world rejoiced in the event  that finally the black people of America  were recognized as equal to the white after so many centuries. Yet, as I sit here in front of my computer reading peoples comments, the newspaper articles and especially so on the Times, I cannot help but think that racisms has not died but maybe getting stronger now that the fat cats of America have found that their money tree have been cut down.

Not being an American citizen, nor knowing the politicsl system very well and not being immersed in the economy of the country, I can only judge things by what I see and read

First of all the American economy was left in absolute tatters by the Bush administration which being a typical conservative party would have only looked after  the wealthy, their benefits and well being. The banks and their finances have ruined the housing industry with millions of people losing out badly on their biggest investments. Which responsible economy would lend large sums of money on the most ridicules low interest? The war in the Middle East which was started by the republicans is enough to send any country to the poor house; especially when the ammunition factories are reaping the enormous benefits from their government contracts.

What Obama took on, was a job that no matter what he did,  nothing could be done to improve the situation immediately.  The road to a real recovery will take years and a lot of sacrifices from the American people. Yes the American dollar has gone down and China is growing stronger, but why don’t the American look at this country where the entire population is expandable and then look at themselves?

Unfortunately people have a short memories and very quickly the racism that seemed to have died down is fast rearing its ugly head again, only because people selfish attitude want everything without giving anything in return.


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