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Tips For Shopping With After Christmas January Clearance Sales

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Select a few stores in the area that are having January clearance sales. Browse local newspaper circulars to see who is having the best in store sale. After selecting stores inspect those circulars closely to see if there are any coupons that need to be clipped.

Look for online printable coupons from specific retailers websites. Search Ebay or Plastic Jungle for discounted gift cards that people received as gifts and do not want. Someone may have a gift card for a swanky boutique that they have no interest in setting foot in.

Online Coupon Savings

Online January clearance sales often allow the use of multiple coupon codes. Search for phrases with the store name. Example terms to look for are free shipping, % off, and simply new coupon codes.

Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale

Victoria Secret for example is having their annual sale starting on January 4th. Always check the receipts of merchandise purchased in the last thirty days to see if there is a coupon on the bottom.

Take the time to hit your chosen stores early. The best discounts are often early during the week on Monday through Wednesdays. Look for sales that include a large percentage off the reduced ticket price.

This is a great way to buy clothing for children or yourself at a substantial discount. Take time to shop to buy next years coats, hats, gloves, handbags, shoes, jewelry, clothing, underwear, and household goods at 70 % to 95 % off.

Take the time to select the best stores, find a coupon to combine with sales, look for discount gift cards, shop offline and online for the best deals. Use these tips to stock up in this years after Christmas sales and January clearance sales.


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