Tuesday, December 12

How to Decide Whether to Break up or to Make up With a Cheater

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So you found out your partner is cheating and you thinking what now? Well obviously you have two options. 1) end the relationship and 2) stay in the relationship. But it gets more complicated than this. Let’s say you decide to end the relationship. How do you end it? Do you tell your partner you know they cheated? (if they don’t know you know) Can you live with the consequences of breaking up with that person? This refers to living arrangements, financial situations, black mail pics or secrets etc. So here’s what you do. DON’T cause a scene and break up with the person and get them angry when they have the upper hand. Handle your situation first. Make sure they have no embarrassing information on you because if they do they can use it to get back at you. Make sure, if the two of you live together in your partner’s house or an apartment on your partner’s name, that you have a place to live. If you depend on that person for your finances ensure that you have another source of income before you end the relationship. Whatever you do think through your situation logically before acting impulsively! Don’t break up if you think you can forgive them and work it out. That brings us to option number two. You want to stay together. Well first if your partner doesn’t know you know, you should let him or her know because your partner may want to be with the other person. If they do just let them go. If they want to be with you, place simple boundaries. Not too many because you will scare them off. Simple things like stopping interactions with the person or persons they cheated on you with. Also you need to discuss why it happened an how the two of you can prevent it from happening. If they can’t handle the boundaries then the relationship is not worth it and they will most likely cheat again. Ending it with this type of person makes sense because you don’t want to be going through this time and time again.


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