Friday, December 15

Who Killed Michael Jackson?

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Whenever a famous person dies suddenly in unexplained circumstances, a theory of conspiracy always rears its ugly head. Examples of the past have been Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana . But murder is not the only way of killing someone, as appears to be true in the case of Michael Jackson.

Anyone who saw Michael when he was a young boy with The Jackson Five could see just how talented he was, and even at such a young age, his charisma and stage presence just took your breath away. It was plain to see that performing was his life, and it didn’t take him long to amass many fans in countries all around the world. Michael grew up to be a very handsome young man, he was both sensitive and gentle, and extremely gifted musically.

He never enjoyed a normal childhood, and later on he spoke about the way his bullying father held him upside down as a young boy, and beat him unmercifully. Music was his life, that was apparent, and it gave him the chance to express himself, and it reached the very heart of his audiences.

But over the years Michael’s behaviour gave great cause for concern. He had too much surgery, and his nose collapsed as a result of it. The colour of his skin paled considerably, although he always insisted he had a skin condition. He lost a lot of weight, and became dependent on prescription medication.

Because of his lost childhood, Michael remained a Peter Pan type character, and he trusted everyone around him, and never thought bad things about anyone. It was therefore amazing to him that his love for children was misinterpreted, resulting in child abuse charges being filed against him. Even though he was acquitted, his reputation was tarnished, his career in ruins, and then he had to face bankruptcy too.

The people closest to Michael, whom he trusted implicitly, advised him to do a comeback tour in England to try and pay off his debts. Michael agreed to this, but 10 concerts were stretched to 50, which even for someone at the peak of their career and fitness, would have been extremely gruelling. Why didn’t the doctors who regularly administered vast quantities of medication to him, not speak up and voice their concern as to whether he could cope with all this? Maybe they liked the money they raked in by prescribing for him, even knowing that he was a man already hugely in debt.

Why didn’t the tour promoters consult him before lengthening the tour to 50 performances, he could have been given the choice? But they were too busy preparing to make as much money out of him as they could.

Why didn’t his mother defend her son from her bullying husband all those years ago? Was Michael’s troubled life a result of low self esteem because of his ill treatment in childhood.? Even now, his father has showed no sorrow at the loss of his son. His only comments were that his son was worth more now dead than alive. You can almost hear the sound of cash machines ringing in his ears.

These people have been entrusted to care for Michael’s children, so one can only hope they treat them better than he was treated. He was a wonderful caring father to his children, and whether they are biologically his or not does not matter at all. He brought them up, so he was their dad in every sense.

Michael chose to leave his father out of his will, which speaks volumes, and one can only hope that all the posthumous money made now will go to his children, as he would have wanted.

There are many people who have contributed to Michael’s death, maybe even himself. Did he take an overdose of medication because he just couldn’t cope with life any more? Whatever the reason for his death, it is a sad fact that the man who brought so much joy and happiness to others through his music was a very troubled person, suffered with low self esteem, and went on a never ending quest to improve himself with pointless cosmetic surgery. My heart goes out to him, and I am pleased that his torment is over, and he is in a better place. God bless Michael Jackson !


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