Tuesday, December 12

Tackling The Suicide Bombers in Pakistan

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 Now is a while that Pakistanis are facing the phenomenon of suicide bombers. It signifies nothing but sheer failure of law enforcing agencies because these suicide bombers follow certain pattern which should have been cracked by now through prospective hot-spotting. It is indeed an uphill task, yet, not impossible. Let us evolve solution to this threat by analyzing the idiosyncrasies of these suicide bombers first;

            Extract of Spiritual Instruction Manual for suicide attack on World Trade Centre says, ‘ You will notice that the plane will stop, then will start to fly again. This is the hour in which you will meet God’. Fear of death has long been the ultimate instrument of power wielded by the state or priesthood in Christianity or Islam. No threat could be worse than death. These human bombs have no stakes at all, are they doing this for the life here-after ?. In his book, ‘My life is a weapon-A modern history of suicide bombing’, Christoph Reuter says, ‘Suicide assassins are determined to make a difference, for once in their lives, no matter what the cost’ . The writer’s eight years of research on suicide bombing negates the commonly thought idea that it is done only for the fruits of life hereafter, though it is one of contributory factors. He further argues that popular views of these young men and women–as crazed fanatics or brainwashed automatons–fall short of the mark. In many cases these modern-day martyrs are well-educated young adults who turn themselves into human bombs willingly and eagerly–to exact revenge on a more powerful enemy, perceived as both unjust and oppressive. Having analysed the reasons of suicide bombing let us move further towards possible solutions;

            The option of use of force (as desired by US as evident through sequential pressure tactics) is out of question. When there are no stakes of the aggressor and platform of war unclear, they can never be defeated with force. Use of any sort of tactics would not apply because the enemy in this case is hidden. Not even Napoleon could find any military solution to this situation, if he was alive. Hence, the only solution left is through means other than force. In order to find lasting solution to this problem, I suggest following;

            a.         Perception Management.        It involves pro-active role of media. This ought to be a two pronged strategy; one being aimed at moulding the perception of general public in terms of reducing fear of the suicide bombers/ reminding everyone of their active role in fight against this threat by actively participating through timely reporting of un-usual incidents/ behaviours and above all de-linking this aspect of suicide bombing from religion which is a common misperception. It could be best achieved by government sponsored incentive based reporting procedure. And second prong aimed at intensive media warfare aimed to instil awareness, apprise of ongoing development projects, true picture of Islam to the tribal areas which happens to be the breeding ground for all such suicide bombers. This could be best achieved by government sponsored intelligence agencies.

            b.         Harsh Language..        Gideon Ezra, the deputy public security minister who openly on television on August 19, 2001, called on his government to execute the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.  He argued that if potential suicide bombers know that their families will be wiped out then they will refrain from committing the act. This is yet another weapon that could be used in order to reduce such incidents. After all, the suicide bombers are also doing inhuman acts costing innocent lives. Media can actively participate in promoting this gesture.

            c.         Development.  Major development measures to uplift tribal belt is urgently required. Although a lot is being done in this regard yet there is a need to publicize it to a much greater extent. It should be communicated to all effectively through media so that its benefits could be achieved.

            d.         Homeland Security Force.      These suicide bombings transpire a much greater threat in times to come. Such are the incidents that result in total unrest which is exploited by vested interests of other nations at the crucial times making it a time bomb. Our reactive approach to incidents should be now changed with more pro-active measures. Organization should be formed by the name of Homeland Security Force, task of which should be dealing with all sorts of internal threats and they should be equipped with state of the art equipment and specialized force which should be than placed under Army for overall coordination. This will also relieve the Army for their major role of defending the borders in the east because cordial relations with India can never be trusted.

            I believe ‘Nothing is impossible, some things are just less likely than the others’ . Our great Nation has faced much difficult times in the past and will come out of the quagmire this time also.

Qaiser Khattak

Lubumbashi, DRC Congo


Lubumba Town, Lubumbashi

DRC, Congo



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