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Menstrual Periods: Causes For Pain in The Ovaries

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These processes usually don’t give rise to any pain although certain abnormalities or conditions in the ovaries can lead to the development of pain or else irregularities in menstrual cycles or both. As these organs are located in the lower abdomen, the pain related to ovaries are usually felt in the lower abdomen and depending on the ovary that is affected, the side of the pain may vary.

When considering the causes that may give rise to pain in the ovaries, there are several prominent causes. Let us see what these causes are and briefly outline its development, effect and the management strategies.

Ovarian cysts

Cyst is a fluid filled cavity and ovaries are likely places for such cysts to develop. In most instances, these cysts would not be giving rise to any symptoms and would not be detected unless an imaging study was done. These cysts develop following failed release of an ovum or when the follicle that releases the ovum doesn’t disintegrates adequately. Although these cysts would be small and minor in most instances, there is a possibility of them growing larger and cause disruption to the surrounding organs as well as twist or rupture in rare instances causing pain in the lower abdomen. The condition can be treated through birth control pills, other hormonal treatments as well as through surgery and in certain instances, it may have to be treated as a medical emergency.

Because of the fact that ovarian cysts are likely to develop during the time of releasing the egg, the pain may seem to be more during the menstrual periods which can be either normal or irregular.


The lining of the uterus would be a specialized tissue layer which responds to hormones and shed in a cyclical fashion giving rise to the menstrual periods. In certain individuals, there is a likelihood of having endometrial tissues in places other than the uterus, and ovaries are one such place. In this instance, as the abnormally placed endometrial tissues try to shed according to hormonal changes, the blood and the tissue debris would not have any place to go except to accumulate in the area surrounding and lead to scar tissue formation. The irritation and the formation of scar tissues can lead to the occurrence of cyclical pain in the lower abdomen that may be associated with the menstrual periods as well. Laparoscopic surgery is now used extensively to treat this condition along with hormonal methods but there is a possibility of the condition recurring in most cases.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Infections of the ovaries are part of a broader disease entity known as the pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, and can give rise to a lower abdominal pain which can precipitate in relation to menstrual periods. Most often, these infections are caused through sexually transmitted diseases and would require extensive antibiotic treatment to prevent complications and possible effects on the future fertility.


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