Monday, December 18

Happy New 'rear !

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News year’s resolutions are tradition and it is no surprise that the number one goal for people is to get back into shape.  Fitness clubs sign up more people in these first two months of the New Year than any other time.  Sadly, it is a known fact that three to six weeks later the majority of their clients stop going.  We get excited, spend our money to join a gym but get tired of it in a few weeks or so.

Regardless if you fall into this category, at least you are motivated right now to jump start your health and fitness and get into a program that fits your liking!

Set a goal

The best way to set a weight loss goal is to stand in front of a mirror without clothes on.   In order to make sure you don’t scare anyone that might walk in unannounced, make sure the door is locked and then stand in front of the mirror nude.  It will help greatly to jump up and down slightly and watch all the jiggle areas.  This alone should motivate you enough to want to do something, plus get a laugh.

Make sure your goal is realistic and achievable.  Your health is most important and you want to make sure to lose those unwanted pounds properly and in a healthy manner.


There are a ton of different diets and ways to eat healthier.  The bottom line is you have to find the one that fits you best.  The only way to lose weight properly and maintain your health is to eat good healthy food, eat less of it and exercise more, period.  Stop with the pills and the fads, they are only a wallet drainer and the gimmick for the moment.  These things have already been proven not to work long term if they work at all.


You have got to get up and move to shape up.  Whether you walk, jog or run, swim, hike or bike or whether you do jumping jacks or march in step during the commercials as you watch TV, it makes no difference.  The only thing that matters is that you MOVE.  Find something that works for you and do it three to four times a week.  You will not believe how quickly your body and your life will change.


Everyone loves a good looking booty so now is the time to get serious about the new you.  Set your goal, stick with it, and change your diet and exercise.  You can do it! 

Happy New ‘Rear!



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