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How to Treat Swollen Eyelids

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Therefore, at the same time we try and reduce the swollen eyelids, it is equally important to find the underlying cause and take remedial action to cure it as well. Thus, obtaining medical advice for unusual or persisting swelling or else swelling of the eyelids with other associated signs and symptoms would be advisable.

But, in most instances, the eyelid swelling would be of cosmetic concern and these are more likely to be due to localized causes. In such instances, several measures can be used to relieve the swelling. Let us now look at some of these measures that would facilitate reduction of this condition.

-Apply cold compressions to the eyelids

Application of cold compressions would make the blood vessels to constrict and therefore reduce the amount of blood that is circulating in the region and therefore the amount of fluid that can seep out through these blood vessels. These packs can be applied for 3 – 4 times a day with each application lasting for about 20 minutes.

-Keep the head elevated

Resting in a reclining chair as well as keeping several pillows underneath the head while on the bed would help the swelling to resolve through gravitational means.

-Take anti-histamine medications

If the swelling is due to an allergic reaction, it may resolve with taking anti-histamine medications. Some of these drugs would be available as over the counter medications and would give the added benefits of relieving other allergy related symptoms as well.

-Antibiotic eye drops or local applications

If the cause of the swelling is an infection, many localized infections would respond for antibiotic creams or eye drops. In case you notice a discharge or redness in the region with crusting, it is probably worthwhile going to your doctor and take advice on an appropriate antibiotic following being examined.

-Do not apply eye makeup during the time of swelling or before going to bed

These ingredients can cause irritations and sometime worsen an existing eyelid swelling. Therefore, such make up should be avoided for the time being and if a particular make up caused an irritation and lead to an allergic reaction, going for an alternate would be a better idea.


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