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Hair Loss Prevention in Women

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As many causes can lead to excessive hair loss in women, it is also vital to find out any sinister causes that are behind such hair loss. Therefore, in case the loss do not resolve with some of the measures indicated below or else if it is associated with any other symptoms or signs, there is a apparent indication to see your doctor and get yourself checked and follow the advice given.

In general, there are several causes that are attributed to loss of hair in women. Age or else hormonal influence after being menopause, use of certain dyes and chemical agents to the hair, poor nutrition or inadequately balanced nutrition, improper practices in handling the hair as well as genetic susceptibility would be listed higher among these causes. As such, the measures that need to be taken to prevent hair loss in women would have to aim in avoiding these causative elements and following practices would be of use in doing the same.

Take a balanced diet with adequate vitamins and proteins

Scientists have always stressed the need of vitamins and proteins to have a better hair growth and improving in these aspects would definitely give long term benefits in hair thinning and losing of hair. Adding enough of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as soya based products, milk and other dairy products would fulfill the vitamin and protein requirements, although additional supplements of multi-vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids…etc would also be beneficial.

Do not handle hair with excessive force

It is common practice to comb the hair while it is wet and the experts suggest that this would lead to loss of more hair in susceptible individuals. As such, allowing the hair to dry before combing and using a widely spaced comb would reduce the drag and therefore the excessive pull on the hair. Braiding of hair is another practice that should be avoided in case you experience excessive loss of hair. At the same time, using a lighter shampoo and detangling agents would also be useful rather than using stronger shampoos and chemical agents.

Reduce the excessive use of hair care products

Ironing, straitening, dying, curling as well as coloring the hair excessively can make them weak and thin out which ultimately lead to falling of hair. Thus, restricting these practices would be of immense benefit if you plan to prevent the loss of hair.

Calcium supplements

In case you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, adding a calcium supplement would also be useful to grow stronger and thicker hair.

Following adhering to these measures, if the loss of hair continues or can be seen to progress at an alarming rate, meeting up with your doctor would be advisable as there may be an underlying cause that needs treatment.


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