Thursday, December 14

Hair Transplant Tips: How to Reduce Scalp Swelling

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Following such procedures, there would be several post operative manifestations which would be considered normal if lasting only for recognized period of time. Oozing, bleeding, reddening, swelling and itching are considered some of these manifestations and would not require drastic interventions as it would not lead to dangerous complications.

But, some of these symptoms, including swelling, can cause discomfort in the initial few days and this would be more troublesome from the 2nd day onwards for about 4 – 5 days. Following this, the swelling would gradually reduce and persisting swelling beyond this period would have to be looked at as it might indicate the development of complications.

In case the swelling becomes uncomfortable, there are several measures that can be taken in order to rectify the situation. Following are some of the actions that can be taken under the advice of your doctor.

-Keeping the head elevated

By keeping the head elevated using several pillows under the neck while sleeping or else using a reclining chair would be advisable in the recovery period as it would not only help in reducing the swelling though gravitational effect but would also help in reducing the friction that might damage the transplanted hair while keeping the head down on a surface.

-Use of medications

Your doctor might prescribe steroidal drugs to reduce the incidence of swelling and these drugs should be taken according to the prescription given. Apart from that, certain other anti-inflammatory agents would also help in reducing the swelling apart from its main action of reducing the pain associated with the surgery.

-Cold compression around the eyes

As the swelling can affect the peri-orbital area, application of cold compressions would help in reducing the swelling by means of constricting the tiny blood vessels present in the vicinity and thus the amount of blood that is circulating in the region. But, care should be taken not to apply extreme cold to the transplanted area as it might hinder the recovery of these hair follicles.

Apart from this, keeping an eye on possible infections which can lead to the development of swelling would also be useful in avoiding such discomforting experiences.


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