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How to Eat on $1 a Day

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Though the experts are saying that the economy is improving, many people are still struggling to just put food on the table. Many people are looking for ways to eat on just $1 a day or $30 a month. This can be a very difficult task with food prices constantly rising. However, if you can make sacrifices and stick to a limited budget for a short while, you should be able to achieve this goal. By using the follow grocery list and tips to get the most out of your money, you should be able to feed yourself on only $1 a day.

Here is what you will need to buy in order to eat on $1 a day:

10 lbs. Chicken Quarters $3.50

1 lb. Ground Turkey $1.50

5 lbs. Flour $1.80

5 lbs. Sugar $2

5 lbs. Potatoes $3

2 lbs. Rice $2

2 Dozen Eggs $2

3 Packets Yeast $.85

3 lbs. Noodles $2

Salt $.35

Pepper $.50

2 lbs. Margarine $1.25

2 Cans Spaghetti Sauce $1.75

8 oz. Colby/ Monterey Jack Cheese $1.50

Syrup $1

Baking Soda $.50

Baking Powder $.50

Spices $1.50

Frozen Veggies-$2.50

With this basic list of groceries, you can make a variety of dishes that first month.

For Breakfast: Pancakes, eggs, toast (from homemade bread), french toast, eggs in a basket and biscuits with gravy.

For Lunch: Potato soup, chicken sandwiches (made from leftover chicken), shepherd’s pie, and turkey burgers.

For Dinner: Pizza, spaghetti, oven fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken or turkey soup.

For Sides: Bread, biscuits, mashed potatoes, steak fries, rice, macaroni and cheese, vegetables.

If you need more variety, look for substitutions for these items that will cost about the same. For example, if you are stick of spaghetti, see if you can purchase gravy, cheese sauce or Alfredo sauce for the same price. If you are sick of the protein items listed, purchase another type of meat that you can find on sale for the same price or try some dried beans instead. The list above is simply a good starter list that can be altered according to your needs.

For a short term situation, this grocery list should be able to sustain a person and meet their basic needs. However, over the long term,, this limited diet could become tiresome. So, if you are needing to eat on $1 a day for an extended period of time, you are going to need to learn how to shop with coupons and find what is on sale, then use the money you save on items on the list to purchase a wider variety of groceries. For example, if you have a coupon for $.75 off a box of pasta and can get the pasta you need for free, take the $2 you would have spend to purchase other inexpensive items that will help expand your pantry.

You should also look for coupons for free products. Check frequently with sites like to find where to get free item coupons. Use these free items to help you slowly grow how much you are able to buy every month. If you shop very smart, with in a few months you should see your $30 stretch further and further.

Some items you should consider using extra money for:


Soy Sauce


Addition frozen veggies

Macaroni and cheese


Hot dogs

Try to only spend your extra money on items that are on a great sale with a coupon to get the most for your extra money and build your food stock up faster. Though it takes time, you should eventually be able to eat very well on just $1 a day.


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