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Decorate Your Patio With Adirondack Furniture

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Adirondack furniture can make the outside décor of your home classically comfortable. Some of us think that Adirondack furniture is more suitable for some East coast resort or a cottage by the woods. These days they are available in numerous materials, shapes and sizes and you are sure to find a few pieces which will look attractive on your deck or patio.

The Adirondack style furniture has existed from the early 1900’s when Thomas Lee designed the first chair for his summer home. With the help of his carpenter friend Henry Bunnell, he started designing and selling this furniture after patenting the design. Adirondack furniture has been gracing decks, patios as well as back yards stylishly and comfortably since then. 

Traditionally we envisage Adirondack style furniture to be flat wooden seat with an angled back and high arm rests with a typical ottoman for you to put up your feet and relax. The fact is that this has not really altered too much but there are new variations which will fit your needs and style. Other than the classic design you can get black, fan, the wave back, shell back, as well as the back inspired by Chippendale. Other than the chair, you can get gliders, rockers, trellis and arbors, tables, garden benches and settees. This means that the kind of furniture you want to place in your patio can be bought in Adirondack furniture in your budget. 

You can get very comfortable Adirondack furniture as they are available in different selection of materials which are also affordable and will add to the beauty of you patio. If you get resin and plastic furniture, it requires very low maintenance and are also usually cheaper than wood.  In fact there are six kinds of wood which can be used for outdoor furniture, which include Alder, Teak, Cedar, Pine, Cypress and Mahogany. They all have the durability and strength to endure all weathers and are easy to maintain and last for many years. 

You can paint Alder, Cypress and Pine to match with the patio décor in your home. It is best to leave Teak, Cedar and Mahogany in their natural state. You can treat them to maintain the natural color or they can just be left to age into a nice silver gray.  Invest to add elegance and beauty into your home with Adirondack furniture. They offer extreme comfort and style which is sure to last through numerous years.


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