Wednesday, December 13

Which Do You Prefer, Psp Or The Ipod Video ?

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The new iPod video was perhaps the most amazing devices of 2006, because the 5th generation of iPods did not have an integrated video feature. It was quite natural for the customers to make a comparison between the PSP or play station portable with the new generation iPod.  PSP is in fact a handheld game console which was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment Company sometime in 2004. People reaction to this novel gadget was quite different as compared to any other gadget on the market. It was a very positive response as this tiny allowed enthusiast to play popular games, as well as see other clips.           

When we check the quality of audio, it is true that both these gadgets offer good sound quality but the iPod video in fact offered a little more clarity in sound in comparison to the PSP. The reason behind it is that the audio of the iPod video file is programmed as the AAC audio. However the PSP looked like having a better bass in most of the songs but when we see it in totality the difference between the two was irrelevant and insignificant.

The quality of video of the two gadgets is a matter worth discussing as well as debating. As we know that the PSP has been designed with a much bigger screen, but here the big size advantage is not translating into better quality picture and the iPod displays very sharp pictures as well as clear and sharp text. However when we discuss the variation in the video conversation, the video iPod will take about 12 hours to encode any video and the PSP just takes a little less than 3 hours for the same job.           

When we compare both the devices, there is no doubt that they have their positives and negatives.  IPod video device has a better video quality, the PSP offers you a longer battery life as well as faster methods to encode videos. The iPod is a much smaller gadget and it is but natural that a few of the features have not been optimized like the PSP. As the iPod is much smaller you will find it simpler to shift and use it in different occasions. According to the research both these gadgets are mainly sold during vacation time which suggests that the customers mainly but them for a mode of entertainment during their holidays.           

The device is chosen according to the requirement and wish of the consumer.


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