Monday, December 11

How to Clean Resin Furniture

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Resin has become very popular with outdoor furniture makers as of late. Though this material is inexpensive and durable for outdoor use, it also collects dirt very easily. So, if you plan on owning a piece of resin furniture, it is important to know how to properly clean it and then keep it clean longer. Here are the steps you should take to clean resin furniture.

Wipe off Dirt

Start cleaning your resin piece of furniture by wiping off any excess dirt with a dry cloth. Resin furniture has a tendency to get dirty easily and that can make cleaning it more difficult. So, take a little bit of time to wipe off any dirt before you start washing it with water.

Wash with Soapy Water

Once all the excess dirt has been wiped off, it is time to wash your resin furniture. A simple mixture of dish washing detergent and hot water in a large bowl will work perfectly. All you need to do is wipe down your furniture with a sponge or rag until the furniture is clean. Then just rinse off the furniture with plain water to remove any soap buildup.

Wipe Dry

After you’re done,wipe off your resin furniture with a dry towel. Leaving the furniture to air dry will only cause more dirt to build up on the furniture. By taking the time to wipe the resin dry you will be saving yourself time in the long run.

Keep it Clean

Once your resin furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, keep it that way. One way to do this is to coat the resin with orange oil. The oil helps keep dirt from sticking to the furniture, which will keep you from having to clean your resin furniture often. So take the time now and save yourself time in the future.

Now that you know how easy it is to clean your resin furniture, you have no excuse not to do it. Why live with dirty furniture when cleaning it is so easy? So get out a few towels and some hot soapy water so you can clean your furniture today.


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