Wednesday, December 13

Surviving The Sleepover With Daughter And Six Friends

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The dreaded question was asked.  As chills ran up my spine and my palms started to sweat, I gave the answer that I was soon going to regret.  I said yes to my daughter having 6 friends spend the night at our house.  I hate slumber parties.  I don’t just dislike them-I loathe them.  However, since I had already put her off several times, I decided to get it over with in one fell swoop.  All her friends could stay over on one night.  But how to survive it, there is the real trick.

First, you need supplies and reinforcements.  Now, boys eat a lot and that is a given, but 7 teenage girls-they eat like birds, which means they actually eat thier own weight in food.  Head to the nearest store and purchase two family size bags of chips, two 12 packs of pop, cookies, candy, and five Little Caesar’s pizzas.  And let’s not forget the two dozen doughnuts for morning, juice, milk, paper plates, and one ginormous trash bag.  Now, that takes care of the food.

Time frame for the party is the next improtant factor.  I told my daughter that I didn’t want any child coming to our house before 6:00 PM.  So they started showing up @ 3:00.  Of course my daughter played innocent and said, “They just showed up.” I couldn’t get ahold of the mom who brought the first two girls over; she had conveniently turned her phone off, so the girls were here for the duration.  This brings us to the importance of activities.

The girls will be at your house for 16-and in my case 19-hours.  They will be awake the entire time, so you cannot plan on sleep during this marathon.  Since my daughter and her friends are into boys and horror movies and there will be no boys involved-ABSOLUTELY NO BOYS-Netflix is our entertainment lottery ticket.  A queue was set up.  The girls are also into makeovers and hair.  So with a bathroom full of cosmetics Maybelline would be jealous of and the InStyler plugged in we were good to go. 

Food, timelines, entertainment, makeup, and oh, yes, I forgot one thing.  EARPLUGS.  It is crucial to have earplugs so that when the requisite girl fights, crying jags, laugholympics, shouting, music, and mayhem begin, you can smile, batton down the hatches, and walk happily through the sea of hormonal females without blinking an eye.  Some people get great joy and solace from the ocean or the mountains, but for me, my greatest moment of euphoric glee is when the last girl goes home the next morning when the party is OVER!!


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