Friday, December 15

The Real Face of The Bharatiya Janta Party ( Bjp)

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The BJP prides itself as a party that wants to bring the ancient Indian culture to the fore. But unfortunately its antecedents do not show it. Perhaps what it practices it does not preach. Take the case of the candidates who represent the BJP.Do they any way represent Hindu culture? Perhaps as is likely the BJP leadership and its supporters will brush all this aside, but the hard truth will stare them in the face.

Let us start with their star campaigner and Member of Parliament. Here is a lady who is into a bigamous marriage with Dharmendra. She has broken up the marriage and become a second wife. Worse to marry Dharmendra she had no remorse for the first wife. Is this the beacon the BJP wants to show case its policy of Ram Rajya?

Her husband Dharmendra was also given a ticket and became a MP. He went step further and converted to Islam to marry Hema Malini without divorcing his first wife. Let all sane and honest people look at this perfidy and the BJP could find nobody better and made him an MP.

Then we have another BJP MP named Vinod khanna .To top it he was a minister. Here is a man who again lived a flagrant life. I fail to understand how this man represents all that is pure and sacred in Hinduism. Can the BJP not find any other straight forward persons?

The BJP is thus rightly routed at the hustings. Not that the Congress is better, but it is at least a wee bit more honest as it does not talk of Ramrajya. The BJP must answer whether Ram Rajya means breaking homes, converting to Islam and leading a flagrant life. God save us from the BJP.


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