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Some Information About Erwin Schrödinger is Given Below.

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where he served as an artillery officer, Schrödinger had several appointments in German universities before becoming professor of physics at Zurich, Switzerland.  In late November 1925 Schrödinger lectured on the idea of de Broglie for a particle in motion has a character of wave.  A colleague commented after the deal properly with a wave, you need a wave equation.  Schrödinger took it seriously, and a few weeks later he was “struggling with a new atomic theory. If I knew more maths, I am very optimistic on this and we hope that if I can not … Deal with it, it will be beautiful.  (“Schrödinger was not the only physicist to find the necessary calculations difficult,” says the eminent mathematician David Hilbert at the time, “Physics is too hard for physicists.)

       The delay was a success, and in 1926 January, the first of four articles on “Quantization as eigenvalue problem,” he said. In this work introduces the transcendent Schrödinger equation that bears his name and solved for the hydrogen, which opens the door wide to the modern view of Nuclear, others only had pushed ajar. In June of Schrödinger wave mechanics was used to the harmonic oscillator, the diatomic molecule, atomic hydrogen in a field, the electric absorption and emission of radiation and dispersal of radiation by atoms and molecules. It has also shown that wave mechanics was mathematically equivalent to the mechanics of Heisenberg-Bom-Jordan matrix more abstract.

The importance of the work of Schrödinger was immediately noticed.  Planck succeeded in 1927 by the University of Berlin but left Germany in 1933, when he received the Nobel Peace Prize, when the Nazis came to power.  He was at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, 1939 until he returned to Austria in 1956.  In Dublin, Schrödinger became interested in biology, especially the mechanism of heredity.  He seems to have been the first to definitively the idea of a genetic code and the identification of genes and molecules that carry the code that changes the way atoms are arranged.  Schrödinger’s 1944 book what is life?  Was a big influence, not only for what he said, but also by introducing a new way biologists think that physics on the topic?  What is life?  James Watson has started the search for “the secret of the gene, he and Francis Crick (physics) in 1953 found that the structure of DNA molecule.


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