Thursday, December 14

Overcoming Difficult Sleep (Insomnia) Without Drugs

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“Please give prescription sleeping pills, doc. Lately I have trouble sleeping, “complained a patient who claims to have no special problems, but can not sleep without taking medication first.

There is a tendency in some people with insomnia or trouble sleeping medicines used to drink that has the effect of sleep. Sometimes being so strong psychological effect of the drug, people can not sleep without taking drugs first. This condition will progress to dependence on drugs:

There are several steps to cope with sleep problems, without using drugs, but only with simple ways you can do yourself:

• At first set bedtime and wake up on a regular basis. Sleeping at the time of changing the body will make the standby condition. As a result, the body is always in a state of tension. If it is determined during sleep and wake up, should be obeyed.
• If a person, including difficulty sleeping, is not advisable to sleep in the daytime. Sleeping during the day will reduce the need to sleep at night. As a result, at night it becomes difficult to fall asleep or awake.
• The bed should be used for sleeping, not for other activities such as watching TV, writing letters and so forth.
• Do not use electronic equipment and cell phone before bedtime.
• Exercise can help overcome insomnia. Do exercise in the afternoon or after sunset, but 2-3 hours before bedtime has determined should have finished exercising. Exercise close to bedtime it will interfere with nighttime sleep.
• Avoid certain foods and drinks. Sweet snacks, should be avoided before going to sleep. Similarly, beverages that contain alcohol, tea and coffee should be avoided, especially in the afternoon.
• It is recommended that a warm bath and drink warm milk before bed and turn down the lights or lamps put out light in the room.

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