Monday, December 11

What Would You do if

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What would you do if you won a million pounds or a couple of million dollars for our American friends?

Would you spend it all on frivolous things, go mad with excess and buy everything you always dreamed of when you thought about winning a million? Would you buy that ferrari you always dreamed of? Fill your wardrobe with Armani clothes, that Gucci watch, the latest biggest TV and stereo a mere snip. Would you spend the lot?

But hang on, a million quid, could you retire on that, if you rent a house then a decent one in the UK will cost you £400,000 plus depending where you live, top of the range BMW another 100 grand, eek! Thats half your winnings gone. A million quids not what it used to be. Then you are going to have to give a bit away for sure, whether it’s parents or siblings, friends old or new, gonna cost a bit not to be seen as a tight wad!

Or would you invest? A million pounds used to be able to return somewhere between 50 and 100 grand a year, depending on the risk management, enough for the average guy to retire and sit pretty for the rest of his life. You seen the returns now, better sticking it under the bed.

Maybe you would buy and sell property with it? Well at the moment buy away, but sell?

So buy a business then, maybe a night club or a nice country pub. Gulp. You serious?

I know property abroad, that Dubai place… erm nope.

So glad I’ve not just won a million, what would you do if you won it? Ah well off to the pub to spend my fantasy million AGAIN!


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