Thursday, December 14

New Year Resolution- Stop That Murderous Rage

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We are at the threshold of another new year. Everyday man wants to start his life afresh. Everyone wants to lead a calm and peaceful life. Emotions play a very important part in our lives and when they turn into negative they rule our thoughts and actions. It is the case with anger. Anger can account for violence of any kind. Let the New Year begin with a resolution to check anger, the murderous rage, which bursts suddenly and collapses everything.

Reasons for anger

1) Every person gets anger. Fretting at unexpected and adverse results is quite common. When negative emotions take over the hold of the mind, they burst into anger.

2) Frustrated with desires, and feelings that we live an inadequate life, we tend to keep anger within us. Then at the slightest pretext, this anger comes bubbling out.

3) Anger becomes a serious problem when it is not controlled and it creates unimaginable damages, sometimes fatal too.

4) Sigmund Freud had stated that the brain of a man cannot take insults or barbs without hitting back. Insult causes hurt, hurt causes hitting back, failed hitting back causes frustration, frustration causes revenge, and it goes on like a chain.

How to overcome anger?

1) The best way to overcome anger is to learn patience, tolerance and forgiveness. If we keep scope in our minds for the faults of others, we will not have flare up at small offences. If we have the acceptance that human beings are liable to make mistakes, we can learn to forgive others.

2) Forgiveness is the key to tempering temper. When one feels kind, he is peaceful, not violent. It can stop a person from feeling frustrated because he would be ready to forgive others or unfavorable circumstances too.

3) Another important factor that can help us from getting lost is developing the attitude to be more logical than emotional. When emotion is strong, a person may be motivated to react strongly and the reaction is generally hyper and violent. Logic can tell the person to think objectively.

4) Analyzing the result can open the eyes to see the reality. When some rash action is done in a rage, one cannot undo it. We cannot take the spilt milk. One can realize this lose only when he is able to analyze things calmly.

5) The mind can be used constructively at an enforced rest rather than getting more fatigued by shouting and blaring horns. What is the use of fretting and fuming in anger?

6) Anger should be ignored. It should not sway a person to negative emotions and actions for which one will have to regret later. Even a child should be dealt with calm without anger. This can yield better results.

7) Meditation and yoga are useful tools to tackle anger. They calm the mind and control anger. What we need is not revenge, but a peaceful disposition.

Let the New Year have a new start

Anger in any form is dangerous. When it is suppressed in frustration, it causes so many psychosomatic diseases. Anger can make a person lose his control and become violent. Hence let the New Year have a new start with a bridle at anger.


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