Sunday, December 17

The Multitasking Myth

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Multitasking is the performance of multiple tasks at one time. The modern business work ethic currently demands that for maximum efficiency, a person must be able to work on reports while on client phone calls, drive and dictate, even eat and type. As a result of this paradigm, there are more stressed out, on the edge, irritable and ineffectual people. Are you one of them?

Take a Deep breath

Meditation calms the mink with its grounding and centering properties. It is simple and easy to do, just focus on your breath as it flows from your nose and mouth. Use circular breathing by envisioning the cycle of airflow. Draw in your breath and slowly release, acknowledging yet not dwelling on the thoughts of the next task.

Our brains are like computers. They are more powerful than computers. In fact, there are several processes going on in the background even while you are sleeping. You are naturally multitasking, but there are limitations to that. Have you ever noticed that when your computer is performing two similar functions that both of them slow dramatically? You are the same way.

You are breathing, your heart is pumping blood to all parts of your body, you are digesting food and removing impurities. your nervous system is constantly sending status reports to your brain. Neurochemicals are being released, and you are interpreting your surroundings on a constant basis. You get the picture.


When you focus on a single task, you get that one done quicker. You are more likely to do a better job at it, too. Focus your whole attention to listening to your coworkers. Focus yourself on doing one thing at a time, fluttering like a hummingbird. There are reasons that you are doing something – commit yourself to the task.

Multitasking for humans is a myth. There is no way to truly be effective while simultaneously performing tasks. When that fact is accepted, you will find your stress reducing and that you will get more done. By devoting and focusing eleven minutes a day to your jobs at hand, you will get more done than if you had tried to multitask.

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