Monday, December 11

Use Skills, Not Pills, to Kill Your Stress in The New Year

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A stress-free life is unimaginable. As Hans Selve once said, “Compete freedom from stress is death”. It is defined as any change that we must adapt to in our ever-changing world. Particularly, stress is like any demand like force, pressure or strain, placed on the body and the body’s reaction to it. Everyone experiences stress in his day to day life.

Coping with stress


Coping with stress begins with becoming aware of your stressors, recognizing what you can change, and learning to moderate your emotional and physical reactions to your stressors. Stress can be handled carefully for the success of your life.


Pills for stress relief


In the modern world markets are flooded with stress-relievers and pills. People are ready to pay large sums of money to be relieved from stress. Commercial lifestyle has filled modern markets with stress vitamins, tranquilizing pills, sleeping tablets and many more products with the hope of eliminating the harmful effects of stress on health. But unfortunately, even after spending thousands of rupees, the side effects of these pills bring them many diseases throwing them in a more precarious condition!


When to seek medical help?


Sometimes stress becomes very severe, in spite of all your efforts. Then even small details can become overwhelming. If you find yourself chronically unable to function because of your overwhelming stress, it may be necessary for you to seek outside medical guidance. But you should be careful not to go after pills, relying on the empty promises of the commercial world.


Wise time management can reduce stress


Wise time management can help you to minimize stress. When you find someone saying that he spent the whole week studying hard for his examination, it really means that he was more worried about it all this time. Instead of worrying too much about the examination, you can make the best use of time in methodical studying.


Moments to share


Sharing reduces stress. You can choose the moments of stress to listen to others and humbly receive some help from others, so that you need not lose your inner peace and calm. Remember the words of Helen Keller, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” This can assure you that stressful moments can open new horizons.


Human mind can lead a stress-free life


Stress attacks people because so many people primarily look at success rather than values. Human mind can easily work out a clear plan for stress-free success without taxing the body or mind. Instead of relying too much on artificial ways of reducing stress which in turn will bring additional problems, it is better to seek simpler and personal solution to the problem.


Relaxation is the killer of stress


The exact opposite of stress is relaxation. This relaxation response reduces blood pressure, quells anxiety and releases tension. It makes your body to recover from the effects of stress. You do not need any specific place or time for relaxation. Your thoughts and words can make you relax. There are simple yoga exercises for relaxation.


Just develop the skill of handling stress


Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be better and surer.” What you need is just to develop some skills to handle your stress. The best relaxation does not come from outside but from inside. Happiness, relaxation and peace blossom from your inner heart.


Relax and enjoy your life in the New Year!


A New Year is at the threshold. For your tranquility and peaceful life you do not need pills. All you need is just some skills!


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