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Up in The Air Film Review

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Ryan Bingham lives in the air. He works for a company who gets employed to sack people and travels around the country for the majority of the year. He is happy with his job and life and never wants to settle. Ryan meets Alex who is also a keen traveller. They bond over their reward cards and Ryan tells her that he has a goal of saving 10, 000,000 loyalty points so he can be the 7th man in history to do so and will get his name on the side of a plane.

Ryan gets a call from his boss who explains that he must return to the office as they have news for all the employees. Ryan heads back only to learn that all of the employers are going to be grounded as they have introduced a new way to work. A young employee, Natalie has developed a software programme now which means they can do their work from the office over a computer and never have to fly again. Ryan is very upset by this as he lives for flying and hotels so he manages to talk his boss into letting him take Natalie out on the road so she can see just how important it is to do the job in person.

Can Ryan persuade Natalie that he needs to be on the road and what will happen to Alex and can Ryan ever reach his 10,000,00 air miles?

I was looking forward to watching this film as the trailers made it look good and I am a fan of George Clooney. The film did not let me down in any way at all and was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The story was good and different from any I had seen before. By the half way point I thought I had worked out the ending as was slightly disappointed by this but I ma pleased to say it was not as predictable as I thought it would be and did not end as I had thought. There is a little more to the story than what I have talked about above which does help to give it some depth and let us get to know the characters a little better.

The acting was great and the lead role of Ryan was played by George Clooney. He was a great character and came across very well. He was strong and knew what he wanted and liked in life. I did feel sorry for him at times with the way he loved living in hotels and out of a suitcase and felt he was missing so much by not having a family but as I got to know him more I felt that this really suited him as he was so uncomfortable when around family members and never felt the need to settle. He showed another side to his personality when he was working with Natalie and at times this took on a Fatherly role and it was good to see him trying to take care of her and help her. I felt this let me see more of him and realise he was not as hard or strong as he originally appeared. He worked well with the character of Alex, played by Vera Farmiga, there was a good chemistry between them both and it did seem genuine and not at all forced.

I did like the role of Natalie, she was played by Anna Kendrick. She was naive and innocent but at times she tried to be strong and tough but she was always end up showing us that t was only a front. I think she was a good choice to add to the film as she was a normal everyday girl who wanted to set out her life and follow it to the letter. She was not able to accept that some people did not want to settle and just be happy with what they had. She was the complete opposite of Ryan and because of this they did make for some entertaining and fun moments and conversations. We also had some good support roles from actors including, Jason Bateman, Amy Morton and Melanie Lynskey.

The film is set all over America but we really don’t get to see a lot of the country, we see a lot of different airports and check in’s and for me I would have liked to have seen a lot more of the scenery. At the very start of the film in the opening credits we did have a lot of scenery shots and they were very enjoyable to see and I just wish this would have continued throughout the film. We always knew what city or area we were in as the place names came up on the screen. We never had any chance of seeing the different ways of life or lifestyles in the cities as we were always inside offices and buildings.

The music was good and very in keeping with the film. There weren’t really any tracks which stood out but I did enjoy it all. We had a few special effects which were good and fitted very well into the film but there was only a few of these, there is no action in the film so don’t expect any explosions or gun fights. The costumes and props were all very good, the film is set in the present day so not much effort was really needed for these.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The run time of the film is 108 minutes and the certificate is a 15. I agree with the 15 rate as there is some swearing in the film. The DVD can be bought for around the £7 mark which I feel is a good price, this s currently being shown on Sky Movies at the moment though.

I am happy to give this film a good solid 4 stars. The acting was very good and so too was the story. I would have given it the full 5 stars f we would have see more of the scenery and views over America as Ryan was travelling around. George Clooney is certainly back on form with this film and it is certainly one for his fans to watch.


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