Thursday, December 14

General Tactics For Call Of Duty Black Ops

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Call of Duty Black Ops tactics are pretty simple to incorporate in the strategy of the game. The most popular map in the game is Nuke Town. Beware that the approaches you use against the enemy may backfire and wreak havoc for your strategy. Approach houses in Nuke Town with caution and at an angle where the enemy would be most probably running towards you so that there is a much greater chance of enemy losses when you attack the enemy with guns or hand grenades.

Players camping in, in the game would realize that they are unable to find many targets for taking down so this tactic generally is discouraged. Also, as you progress in the game, you will come to the conclusion that it is best to find and get rid of the enemy before the enemy does the same to you!

In the Battle of Khe Sanh, the player is supposed to clear the trenches. Many newbie players do not know what to do with the barrels, probably even fewer know that the barrels are full of napalm. To complete the task, the trick is to roll down two giant, opened barrels positioned at the bottom of the hill.

Also, in the zombie map of Kino Der Toten, there is a teleporter in front of the curtain on stage, using which the player is teleported to a room in which there is a Pack-a-Punch machine and a window. Wait for a minute or so in the room and you will be teleported again, this time to a secret room that has the Presidential Seal, a projector and a table. On top of the table is a roll of film which you should pick. Remember that you will not be prompted to pick it, but you are allowed to pick it and you should pick it.

This is a game that you should try and I am sure you will like it. You may need some cheats and you may find some glitches during your gameplay.


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