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Swagbucks Review

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About SwagBucks

Swagbucks is an online rewards website that rewards its users virtual currency, also known as Swag Bucks for doing ordinary everyday things on the internet, like search in the search engines and watch videos. Once you’ve collected enough swagbucks, you can use them to redeem thousands of different gifts such as amazon gift cards, restaurant gift cards, electronics, clothing, and even computers. There is some work involved in Swag bucks, but it’s very minimal. Some people are earning $5-$50 amazon gift cards a week.

SwagBucks search engine

As i’ve stated above, you can earn swagbucks for using their search engine. There is a daily limit of 45 or 50 searches (I can’y quite remember the number) and you have a chance to earn points or even gift cards if you’re lucky. Most people use the search engine everyday already, so why not earn prizes for your time?

Complete Surveys and offers

Another way to earn swagbucks is by completing surveys or doing special offers. The rewards are usually not very much and I don’t normally do them unless it’s a very good offer. There are free offers as well as paid offers that you can do on the site. Paid offers reward you with a lot more bucks ofcourse.

Watch Videos

This is one of my most favorite features on Swagbucks. You get to watch videos from the category of your choice for swagbucks. I personally found this to be enjoyable. There is no limit to how many videos you want to watch on the site as far as I know of, and you will get paid swagbucks everytime your video meter reaches 100%.

Swagbucks for doing Polls

Swagbucks has a daily pole that users can take and in return, get paid in bucks. This can only be done once a day and the pay isn’t really much, but it barely takes a few seconds to complete the poll, so why not?

Free Coupons

If you are a sucker for coupons, then swagbucks is an awesome place to get free coupons and codes for various products. It’s a lot more convenient than sifting through a stack of newspapers to cut out. At Swagbucks, you can find the coupons you want, simply print them out and they are ready for use. I’ve personally never used any coupons from swagbucks, but i’m considering doing it in the future when the occasion arises.

Earn SwagBucks for referring friends

Swagbucks has a referral system where you can earn even more SB for inviting your friends and family to join the site. Many people earn a bulk of their SB from referrals alone. In order to refer someone to Swagbucks,You can send out an email, post banners in your forum signature or your website or promote the site on facebook and twitter. They have a lot of promotion options on their site, even a spoof creater to get more people interested.


This is also another one of my favorite features on Swagbucks. The Swagstakes takes place hourly, everyday. The bucks you earn on the site can go for individual prizes in the swagstakes, like more SB or really cool prizes. The amount of Swagbucks required to enter to win the swagstake prizes are usually only between 1 and 25 SB, which is not much, especially if you win something.

My Overall feelings about SwagBucks

So far, i’ve been enjoying the site and all of the things they have to offer. It’s not a get-rich-quick site by any means, but it is, however, very easy to earn swagbucks and many, many other prizes. I hope this article will help anyone out there who is considering joining Swagbucks. If you are interested in joining swagbucks, you can visit the website here


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