Tuesday, December 12

Top 5 Best Social Network Sites

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1. Facebook

I can’t think of a single person who has never heard of this website before. Facebook is not only the most used social networking site on the internet, but it is by far the most unique and in my experience, most entertaining one to grasp the web. The name alone has become a household name in North America. Most of your friends and probably a sizeable amount of family members have a Facebook profile or fan page!

2. Twitter

Like facebook, twitter allows for users to post updates on their profile and on their friend’s profile. A lot of people are using twitter for their affiliate marketing programs as well. An upside to twitter is that many people can easily find your twitter posts without having to be your friend. The downside however, is that it can be a giant mecca for spam.

 3. Myspace

Myspace was once one of the pioneers of popular social networking in the mid 2000s’. Although this is a great social networking site that is still pretty popular, Myspace’s interface is a bit lacking compared to that of the more recent competing sites. The great thing I like about Myspace is that you can completely customize your profile, buy myspace backgrounds or make your own. I’ve found that Myspace is also a great site for artists looking to sell their work.

4. Friendster

Friendster is the oldest among this list and was once the most popular social networking site on the web until Myspace was invented. It has one of the largest member bases on the net, nearly 100 million since its start. I’ve found that Friendster is more international than most of the other popular social networks around. 

5. Linkedin

Linkedin is more of a business geared social networking site. Most of the professionals out there have a Linkedin profile, including instructors, marketers and tutors. It currently has nearly 80 million members and counting.


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