Monday, December 11

4 Tips For Selling Your Home

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4 Tips For Selling Your Home

Tip 1: Do your research. You must know what houses, similar to your, in your neighborhood, have been selling for. That will give you a great starting point when pricing your home. You can find this out by contacting a realtor and having he or she come for a viewing of your home before you list it for sell. Listen to the realtor as she does a walk through. The realtor is a valuable asset because she will make comment that are honest so do not be offended by these comment. The realtor is seeing your home with a fresh, trained set of eyes and she knows what sells homes.

Tip 2: Remove all clutter. If you are still living in the home there are many things that you need for your day to day existence but hopefully you will be moving soon so now is the time to pack and donate many items in you home that you have not used in the last 2 years. The other nonessential that you will be moving with you should be packed and store at a friend’s house or in a self storage unit. Removing the clutter in your home will help you in many ways. First, it will allow the prospective buyer to envision themselves living there. Second, it allows you to showcase some key assets that your home has to offer and third it will make your move much quicker and easier.

Tip 3: Decide if you want to list with a realtor or try to sell your home yourself. If you list with a realtor she will be the one showing your home to perspective buyers. The realtor can give you 24 hours notice before showing your home. You are the one that must make it presentable and ready for the viewing. If you chose to list your home with a realtor she will bring many things with her. Her firm will advertise your home. Her office will receive all calls about your home and she is knowledgeable about the process of selling your home. Realtors also charge a fee. Usually this fee is a percentage of the selling price when your home sells. This is an option for many people because they are just to busy with full-time jobs and other demands to do what a realtor can such as show the house in the daytime.

Tip 4: If you decide to sell your home yourself then you must ask yourself some tough question. Do I really think that I have the knowledge and the willingness to show stranger through my home and not just once but often. Many seller try it both ways. They may place a “for sell” sign in their front yard and do their own advertising with a time limit in mind such as if I have not sold my home in 6 months then I will hire a realtor.

If you follow these four tips you will be on your way to selling your home.


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