Wednesday, December 13

Every Man Has Two of Enemies

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Anger-one of the worst enemies

Every man has two of enemies.

1)     One is the external enemy

2)      And the other is the internal enemy.

It is not difficult to defeat the external enemy. He can be won over. But it is extremely difficult to conquer the internal enemies. Anger is on of them. It is in fact one of the man’s worst enemies.

Anger is a violent emotion. It swells up in our heart when something happens against our wish; when somebody does something which we do not like. Once it is born, it flares up like wildfire within no time. When we are angry, we forget ourselves. We lose our self-control. Our balance of mind is totally, disturbed. In such an angry mood, we are up to nothing. It incites us angry man himself, provoking him to the extent of coming suicide. It strengthens our revengeful spirit. It causes hatred for others. Ultimately, it may even lead to murder.

So, you see how dangerous it is to nurse anger. Every one of us must try to conquer such a worst enemy as anger. Of course, it is not that easy to conquer anger. But if we are constantly on our guard, we can check it. We must have to forget and forgive others’ faults. We have to learn to tolerate other’s misbehavior. When we are angry, we have to divert our attention from the things responsible for our anger. Through sincere efforts, we can learn to be patient.

Once we get over our anger, so many other associated evils disappear automatically. We have to learn to control our emotions, speech and actions, even in the worst of situations.

Do you know the story of Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist anger?

He had made discoveries as a result of his life long research. Once he kept on a table all papers containing the fruits of his research work for more than forty years. His pet dog jumped over the table. In the process, the burning on the table fell on those precious papers. In no time, all the papers turned to ashes. He did not have even a copy of those papers. How do you react to such a situation?

Most probably, you will beat the dog to death. But Newton not reacts that way. With a smiling face, he took his dog into his arms and said, `poor fellow! You do not know what you have done!’ see his capacity for forgiving. Let us all dry to emulate Sir Isaac Newton. Let us try not to get angry even in the worst of situations. It gives us peace and happiness.


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