Monday, December 18

Have You Tried Making Doll House Furniture?

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It is possible that you have not thought about how our opinions change about our parents change with passing time. I always though as a young person that my father was a hard working laborer, which is also true. He had a dairy farm, sowed crops in fields and also did maintenance job in a factory. I had very little opportunity to see him till I was a teenager. During my teen years he sold off the cattle and rented the agricultural land but continued working full time in the factory. He suffered a heart attack, when I was a college freshman, and stayed at home on disability social security.

My mother was regularly trying to find some hobbies he could pursue and keep occupied as he had always been a very busy person. In fact I never ever considered my father to be a person who would try out new hobbies. Various kinds of craft kits were brought in the house but nothing really interested my dad. It really surprised me about two years after his heart attack he got interested in something. During Christmas his female grandchildren got doll house furniture as gift from my parents and my dad had actually built the furniture. In fact he had at last found a hobby which he really enjoyed and was also very good at it. The doll house furniture he made was very elaborate. He crafted chairs and tables, bunk beds and as well as a sofa and bunk beds. My mother helped him sew tiny bedspreads and matching window curtains for the doll house bedrooms.

I was quite surprised how my Dad was able to work out the delicate job required to make the small doll house furniture as he had very big hands because he had worked so hard for so many years of his life. He had ordered the furniture patterns which he had found in a magazine even without informing my mother. As soon as they came he started making the doll house furniture from the small wooden pieces which he had in the garage. It also surprised my mother that he enjoyed such intricate work. The furniture pieces were quite tiny and delicate for working and cutting it required a lot of skill. With the passage of the year he was not only able to construct doll house furniture for his grandchildren, but was also able to start crafting other doll house furniture pieces to sell them at craft sales. 


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