Wednesday, December 13

Bonnie 13Th Email

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Dear Ms. XXX,

(Continue with part 2)

 I feel that God is giving me what I am requesting for in Bonnie, Eli, Liz and Tina. Eli (a student who teaches me how to swim at LPC), Liz (Staff at LPC), Tina (Staff at LPC): They are all real people who are very truthful people. Tina doesn’t know I am spiritual gifted but the rest do. Ms.XXX, THEY STILL LIKE ME! ME! So, I asked God for more wisdom; all aspects of wisdom.  Because, even though I am spiritually gifted I choose the wrong people to hang out with.

So, I am learning to be more selective. I am learning to be skeptical; and learning it is okay to be a little skeptical. Back and forth, I am Bonnie are chatting on the bus. Like popcorn kerns exploding; the discussion get heated yet we hear one another. It is just amazing! I get to see how Bonnie views a certain situation. I think. Then, I get a-ah moment. I believe I have deep comprehension on my situation; and society’s refusal of hearing because I am open & flexible. Most important, I know it is not all about ME. Bonnie told me to leave it alone. I told her I can’t because I strongly feel: That God desires me to use my spiritual gifts in this arena. Yes! Yes! Dr. Phil says “What is the pay off?” Pleasing God is my pay off.

So, most of my ideas didn’t pan out. At least, God knows I tried. I am not afraid of failure Ms. XXX. I am going to try as long as, I have breath in my body. You know what Bonnie told me about being on your show. She said “I would love to be on the XXX Show; but other people deserve more than me.”  Her statement is so authentic. If you do decide to help Bonnie; I will volunteer my service (as a cleanup crew: You know clean up debris and trash from the construction workers). I love cleaning. It is so therapeutic. Face it; I have a lot of issues! And, XXX you don’t even have to pay me. Plus, you will help me alleviate my anger and frustration. What do you say? Please, say YES!  



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