Sunday, December 17

Decorating The Kitchen For Valentine's Day

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Lets Get Started… and that means removing anything that does not shout out Valentine’s Day and Romance.


You can use hearts anywhere in your kitchen for a little touch of red. I once read where a woman took a few sheets of red construction paper and cut out zillions of them. Then  she took the little hearts and sprinkled them along all of the window sills. People tend to ignore the unexpected areas of the room!

Red and White Crepe Paper

Ceiling decorations used to be huge for Christmas… I’m thinking that it would look pretty cool for Valentine’s Day too. You might want to be careful where you hang the decorations, especially avoiding the stove area for obvious reasons.

Candles on window sills

I picked up a lot of little votive candles this year and they can  be set in tiny cups along the window sill. I have no intention of burning them until maybe Valentine’s Day night where I want a little extra romance.

Kitchen Towels

These are very plentiful around this time of year and will look quite impressive hanging over the door of my dishwasher.


What kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some cupids running around for good measure. I picked up a bag of foil variety and sprinkled them on the diningroom table!!

Valentine Placemats

I have some amazing ones in the diningroom… that I will probably remove if we eat in there this month, but I picked up a few that can be quite easily wiped clean with a cloth.

Valentine Centerpiece

Yes, I have this huge Lazy Susan sitting on the kitchen table and it just shouted out for some kind of centerpiece. Once again, Big Lots to the rescue. It is becoming my all time favorite store at this time of year.

The Kitchen Bulletin Board

This is the perfect place to pin a few of those old Valentine’s that you received over the years!

That should give you a bit of an idea of how you can decorate your kitchen… and not spend a whole lot of money. and I highly recommend Big Lots!!


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