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Choose The Right Sunglases

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Buy sunglass is not easy especially if there’s many option and sunglass shop to go. In this article I will give you guidelines on how to picking the right shades for your eyes, health and look.


1. UV radiation are one of cause that make eyes problem such as cataracts and burn. To prevent it, you need to buy sunglasses that could block at least 99 percent of UVB rays and at least 95 percent of UVA rays. Make sure the sunglass must provide with the protection before buy it. 

2. Make sure you choose the suitable color. It is not just affect to your personality but affect on your vision performance especially to differentiate colors and contrast.

– Gray lenses could reduce light intensity but not affect distorting color or contrast color.

– Brown lenses could enhance contrast. The lenses will block some blue light. This lense is recommend for outdoor activity such as sports.

– Amber/ yellow lenses could enhance contrast like brown lenses but it will block most of the blue light.

– Red/orange lenses good for snow sports.

– Cooper sunglasses is good for golf player.

– Blue and green sunglasses also enhance contrast and good for tennis player or fans.

3. Check the lens material. 

– Material from glass is heavy, expensive and could break easily.

– Material from polycarbonate is not scratch resistant and less optical clarity but more affordable.

– Material from NXT polyurethane are flexible, impact resistant, lightweight but more expensive.

– Material from acrylic is cheaper but least durable and optically clear.



4. Check the style. There are many shapes and sized for sunglasses.

– If you look at the celebrity, they like to wear a big sunglassed. The style called oversized.

– Nowaday many athletics using a sunglasses in their sport activity. The style called wraparounds.

– There are aviator / teardrop/ shaped lens and thin metal frames that being used by law enforcement personnels, pilots .

-Mirrorshades/ mirror coating on surface always being used by police officer.

5. Last, make sure the sunglasses fit to your face. Try them until you think it suit with you. The sunglasses must properly between nose and ears and eyelashes not touch the lenses or frame.


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