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Simple Organizational Ideas For Clearing The Stressors From A Household

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A better way to get your household organized is to start with all of the paper clutter. Paper clutter such as:   junk mail, newspapers, scratch paper, open/used mail envelopes, old bills and flyer notices have the most obnoxious vibe on the serenity of an environment—-especially a home.  

     To keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed in a severe situation—in the case of a household that has been unintentionally ignored due to excessive duties and activities of the family or routine life—start with the room that has the least amount of clutter.  This will gear your mind to program itself for a particular sorting structure.  Also, when you clean the least cluttered room you allow yourself to have the pleasure and reward of seeing your workload dwindle down little by little in visual results.  You can feel proud and relieved to know that you are making a significant progress—-instead of starting with the room that has the worst amount of clutter and becoming bombarded, tense and drained; without seeing a least a brief glimpse of ‘sunlight’ samples of what is actually in store from all your upcoming hard work.  

     When paper clutter is targeted and removed from a particular space of concern, the affect on the mind, body and overall perception is like a 60% positive channel clearing charge.  A person tends to breath better.  And when a person is under a stressful situation (eg.: pondering bills, relationship arguments, child rearing challenges, etc…) it really makes it easier to bear and subtracts the intensity of a problem significantly.  

     People need space in order to function and rejuvenate their energies.  With space a person can expel certain energies that need to be released in order so that they can refresh and reorder their thinking capacity for more ideal functioning in day-to-day obstacles.  Without that allotment of ‘clear’ space, a person can become stagnate and the same energies that were generated from a previous time such as within the process of a day, will still be within the being (mind, body).  Without allowing the previously generated energies to recycle in a healthy way outside of the generator (person), then the being (mind, body) can become overloaded.  

     The point is, clearing the paper clutter out of the least cluttered room is the first step towards seeing your way through a neglected household’s cleaning.

     The next thing to focus on in this process is the excess objects.  If you don’t need the object or it serves no real purpose in the room or any room of the house (it just hangs around taking up space) then decide to let it go.  To determine this you must first gather all of the ‘odd’ stranded random objects and place them in an open area of the room to examine them.  Place about three garbage bags next to you and the ‘pile’.  One bag will be for recycling or trash (such as the previously mentioned paper clutter), the other bag will be for items to be sent to charity or donated to ‘goodwill’, and the last bag can be for items to be taken out of the actual household that you still need or want but have no place in the household at the particular time.  Decide what you need to do with each item and try to make a significant difference in this stage of the clean-up. This part makes a big difference in how the essence of your room will be perceived.  This sorting part of the cleaning process applies just as much to the least cluttered room as it does to the most cluttered room.  The thing is when you start with the least cluttered room go to each room with the intention of meeting the next least cluttered room on up to the most cluttered.  You ‘baby step’ your way up. This way you slowly train and prepare your mind and body for a big job by doing smaller, lighter rounds of the same thing.  

     This is a healthy and naturally logical way to prepare yourself for tasks.  It’s the same as with exercise.  When you exercise you MUST first warm up each time to lubricate your muscles with warmth and fluids so that you will not strain or damage any cold and tight body parts eg.: ligaments, joints, muscles, etc…  

     Next, when cleaning a room you’d want to dust and spray clean any and all surfaces to renew.  Cleaning off dust, grease and cob webs (old spider webs) also clear space that you can actually feel.  These types debris take-up needed space too.  Once cleaned away, the air can flow off of your surfaces, walls, and ceilings much more smoother and blow off clean instead of blowing around dirt and smut.  Make sure to wash curtains and upholstery, bedding, throws, stuffed animals, pillows, etc… when doing a room, as this too is significant in the process or clearing ‘clutter’.  

     Next, vacuum and sweep and mop.  This task is very important as it is one that shows an extremely significant improvement in your room.  It removes all the dust and dirt particles that were initially uplifted and flung off of the furniture etc…

     Last will be to organize the room to a more renewed or ideal floor plan.  You can choose to rearrange the placement of the furniture or remove ‘played out’ furniture for a more practical living arrangement.  

     Now, to present your newly cleaned room and reward yourself:  light an incense, candle, potpourri (or the like in a room fragrance) and open a few windows both for light and for air circulation to finish off the job.  Do this at least every six months if at all possible.  Or more frequently if desired.  You will see that your life will become more structured and easier to handle by this simple example of keeping house.


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