Monday, December 18

Getting a Raise: Put Yourself in Your Boss's Shoes

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Every day, thousands of people ask their boss for a raise, and every day thousands of people get turned down. Many of those who did not get a raise feel slighted, bitter, and angry. There are some situations where this emotional reaction is valid, but many times a boss cannot award a raise or promotion because the company simply cannot afford it.

Many employees live under the assumption that a business has unlimited funds and that bosses can dole out raises like giving candy to trick-or-treaters. In the real world, it just does not work that way. Most small businesses have to be extremely mindful about their expenses, and in nearly every business the largest expense is payroll. If a boss handed out a raise to every employee who asked for one, it would most likely harm the company’s bottom line to such a point that no one’s job within the company would be safe.

Sometimes in order to be a team player, an employee must think about what is best for the company as a whole, not just what is best for themselves. While asking for a raise may not be the most selfish act, it can be selfish if it is done at the wrong time. When economic times are tough and many small businesses are struggling just to stay alive, asking for a raise can seem like the ultimate gesture of selfishness in the eyes of your boss. In times of economic recession, an employee should just be thankful that he or she has a job.

When our requests for a raise get denied, it is easy to take the matter personally. It is hardly ever a personal thing. Bosses are human beings; they are not always cold, heartless, and devoid of compassion. They want to see their employees happy and successful. Most bosses would love to give out raises if they could. After all, what better way to win over the hearts and admiration of the employees?

If you are an employee looking for a raise, it is important to put yourself in your boss’s shoes. Not only will this save you alot of stress and frustration, but it will improve your chances of success. Knowing when to ask for a raise is an essential step towards getting one. If your employer is in no financial shape to award a raise, you should be understanding and try again later when times are better. This is what it means to be a team player, and being a team player will make you much more successful in the long run than a small and paltry increase in your paycheck ever will.


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